Thoughts on Optygen HP

Just wondering if anyone has any thoughts/experience with Optygen HP. I have tried and feel like it works but it could be just placebo effect. Also, I know sometimes training aids should be avoided for drug testing reasons as we can’t be sure what is really in them. Not that I would ever be drug tested being a mid-pack rider but I want to compete clean and fair.

I’ve never tested this.

But in general, I think it’s not the best idea to take supplements you don’t know the exact ingredients. In fact, avoiding taking pills to increase your performance is best for me.

The questions you should ask yourself before taking supplements are : how much gains are you expecting with it? Could you have the same results with a proper or better diet and training? Would it gives you a greater sense of satisfaction to achieve your goals without help of a pills made by a company or the certitude to be clean?

Could be both a real effect AND the placebo effect!

From the ingredients list I suspect it’s really just the beta alanine providing the most benefit. Read their justification for why they add beta alanine and It’s against the consensus of how beta alanine works. That decreases my trust in their product.

You might do just as well or probably better going with a high quality beta alanine supplement.

Maybe I’m cynical but I once heard someone say that any supplement that truly works will either be banned because it contains something illegal, or would be being used by everyone

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That’s fair but the ingredients in these supplements are present in food and not banned. You have pros and ex pros that say something on the magnitude that half the peloton is on caffeine and beta-alanine.

Saw this recently:

While most of the drugs mentioned are male enhancement, weight loss, and strength building supplements, I suspect they the tested the more popular supplements, not everything out there.

If you’re concerned about anti-doping, definitely avoid anything that isn’t certified (e.g., Informed Sport), regulated, or carefully supply chain controlled to avoid accidental or intentional contamination.

If you aren’t concerned about anti-doping, but are concerned about what you’re putting into your body, probably something similar.

Pretty sure Chad said that on a podcast.

I tried Optygen HP at the beginning of this year for a few weeks. Initially it seemed like it was working well, but soon I began to notice my heart rate was elevating quicker, especially during Vo2 intervals. It became harder for me to hold sustained efforts more because of my cardiovascular system than my legs. I decided the benefit just wasn’t worth what I was experiencing and got a refund. That’s just my experience. I know I thers have had more of a positive effect.

While most of the drugs mentioned are male enhancement, weight loss, and strength building supplements, I suspect they the tested the more popular supplements, not everything out there.

Ah yes, I saw that too and it was alarming at first, but people better than me already picked that study apart.

Just some relevant quotes…

80% of CONTAMINATED supplements, this is a hell of a lot less than 80% of all supplements.

How difficult is it to put that in the post title? Intentionally misleading…

Misleading headline and article.
They fail to mention that the supplements tested were the dosage packs sold at convenience stores.
I don’t know many people who take supplements that would take anything sold at a convenience store counter.

Yeah, OP’s title is misleading. Even the WP source article has a somewhat misleading headline. If I’m reading things correctly, the testing was done against an FDA database of contaminated supplements meaning it was already known or suspected that the supplements being tested would have something in them that they shouldn’t. It’s not like the researchers went out and randomly selected supplements across the vast selection of supplements especially those generally regarded as safe such as vitamins sold at pharmacy and grocery stores.

Sooooo, don’t buy your supplements from the gas station or… buy ALL the supplements from the gas station if you want to play testosterone/viagra roulette lol.

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