Turbo set up idiot

Hi all,

I’m trying to figure out my set up on the turbo so that my Garmin records speed and distance (as well as power etc).

At the moment I’m using an Elite Muin b with a stages crank and Garmin 510. I’m getting clear power readings but nothing is coming up for either speed or distance.

Have I missed a trick and being a turbo idiot or is it not possible to get this info?

Thanks for any and all help!

Have you paired your Muin to the Garmin 510?

Do you have any speed sensor on the bike other than the Muin trainer?

On your Garmin select devices. Then select the smart trainer icon and pair. Hopefully you’ll then get speed and distance too.

Ahh, that’s great! Knew I was doing something wrong! Will give it a go. Thanks both

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My first thought is ‘why?’
You know your speed and distance on the turbo - zero!
In all seriousness speed and distance are irrelevant on turbo trainer and even with a sensor you can make them say whatever you want them too (change tyre pressure, pressure of turbo on wheel etc…)

I say this as someone who, apart from races, VERY rarely rides outdoors (My Strava so far this year- time on bike = 136hr, distance =380km…so average of less than 2mph!!!)