Kenetic inride power meter + Garmin issues

I have a Kineletic Rock and Roll with the inride power meter which seems to read ok. The issue I have is when it’s either pairedd with my Fenix5 or Edge850 I get very strange distance and speed readings. In a one hour session it says I average 125+kmh and cycle in the 200k range. I wish this was the case because I would be the best but sadly it can’t be. I have tried pairing the devices up several times and calibrating them over again, I must be missing something but can’t quite out my finger on it. Any ideas?

My gut tells me that your devices are reading the Inride as a ‘Speed’ sensor (maybe instead of, or in addition to a ‘Power’ sensor).

If that guess is right, the roller magnet is passing the Inride sensor WAY more frequently than you would get for a wheel speed sensor. And that would lead to high speed and distance values well in excess of your actual values.

I would check the pairing and see if you can tell which type of sensor the devices think your Inride actually is.

Ok I will do that. I did forget to mention that the cadence sensor is still in the crank of my left pedal if that could make a difference. I even tried putting the speed sensor on the training wheel as well to see if that made a difference

Will look again tonight after work

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Thanks Chad, after isolating the inride my Garmin was indeed picking up all the sensors from the one place. I have now paired it again and an getting there readings like I should

Thanks for your help

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Sweet! Glad you got it fixed. :smiley: