Weird power reading

Hi All

I have a ROTOR INPOWER on BMC Timemachine with the ROTOR Q-rings. I do my calibration fairly frequently - not everytime but often.

Today I got the reading 1000 and then 9

My training has been going really well - FTP numbers looking really good and healthy - I normally do all my training alone but today rode in a group - when on the ride - I was comparing my data to friends who were using Garmin Vector pedals - after 1.5hr I had NP of 286 and he had 216!!! I weigh 82-83kg and he 75!

I compared to data on another friend also using Garmin pedals at the same - he’s heavier than me and was riding along at 190w whilst my power read 260!

I ve been thinking Im really strong but it seems something is amiss with my power as I definitely wasn’t stronger than my friends when I normally am. In fact Ive had the Inpower 3yrs or so - always felt it was a bit more generous than my previous PowerTap hub 10-15w but otherwise ok. But when I reflect on last seasons racing - it was like this every race - numbers “looked” good but I didn’t seem to be moving as fast in the field as I expected

What am I missing?


Lots of variables when trying to compare power while rolling outside, between two riders on their own bikes. Road pitch, rider weight, speed, head/tail wind, etc. will all lead to different power numbers for different moments.

Best to contact ROTOR support or see if they have an FAQ (found it).

I would first retry calibration and see what value you get. If it appears different than the info above, I’d contact their support.

In the meantime, if you want to do a better comparison, see if you can borrow you friends pedals, install on your bike and try some live riding on a trainer to see if there are noticeable differences.


Thanks - yes that is the standard calibration procedure that I do - got the 1000 reading and then 9.

One thing I notice - Ive the Elite Direto Smart trainer - as yes if trainer road is reading from that and not the Rotor then it’s much “harder” ie for same effort my watts are much harder…

Ive tried emailing Rotor - see what they say…