Assioma UNO with a Fluid 2

I recently purchased the Assioma Uno. My power numbers are drastically different between road and indoor on the fluid 2. I put it on the trainer for the first time today and my 12 minute intervals were reading 140 watts at 93 RPMs. On the road my 12 minute intervals at 93 RPMs are well into 210’s.

Any guidance on what I’m doing wrong once I set up on the trainer would be greatly appreciated. I’ve done the calibrations etc. Since I’m in the northeast I was hoping this PM purchase would be great for winter training and power zones could be established and easily transitioned to the outdoors in March/April.

Assuming you were using Virtual Power from TrainerRoad (before you got your 4iiii), that would be a particular power number, but be aware it is an estimated value at best. It is often not parallel to a real power meter.

The basic statement is to redo your FTP test (Ramp or otherwise) anytime you change power measurement.

As for hitting power inside to match outside (assuming you are using the power meter in both places) that us down to you shifting up or down to hit the resistance and cadence you want for any particular interval.

Maybe you read your numbers outdoor per ant+ on your bike computer and indoors per Bluetooth to your iphone/ipad? That would be a known bug with the actual firmware. You can report that to the favero support and they providoe you with a special fw upgrade.

I sent Favero a request for the updated firmware. I’m definitely only showing 50% power when the PM is synced with TR.

The only thing I can’t figure out is why my power on the Garmin Edge and Garmin 735xt is reading much lower on the trainer than outside. When I zero offset and/or calibrate from my devices should the bike be off the trainer? That’s the only difference I can think of between my routine pre ride outside on the road and indoor on the trainer.

That‘s odd. You mean, you do the exact same setup indoors as outdoors? On wich device do you run TR? The calibration offset only corrects a few watts. That can‘t be the solution.

When i ran my assioma duo with my 17 kicker pretty much lined up. Don’t forget a uno take the wattage and doubles it. So if you left leg is lower you power will be lower for the total. But you trainer is measuring power with both legs. I would just pick one. Since you can take you pedals outside, that’s what i would use.

just something to think about. I have a friend who uses a stages left crank arm and can’t understand this. So they think their crank arm is broke all the time.