Tuesday’s ride on Monday

I did Tuesday’s scheduled ride on Monday, but the ride is now still scheduled for Tuesday? Do I do the ride again, or is there a way to move and match the activity like in TrainingPeaks?

Move the Tuesday ride to the Monday (as you actually did it). You can do it via drag drop on the web calendar, or open the app and pending workout, click the edit pwncil icon and change the date.

I think you can grab the Tuesday workout on the calendar and move it to Monday then do the workout. If you just loaded the workout on Monday and did it, then the plan still thinks you are going to do the workout as scheduled on Tuesday.
Since you actually did the workout you could probably just delete the Tuesday workout.

Ok, thanks did that, but now it shows 49 TSS for each ride and 98 for the week. So I think I need to delete one, just unsure of what that’s going to do to the Adaptive Training AI.

You’ll want to worry less about the weekly TSS, more about making sure AT doesnt think you missed any assigned work. I’d check in with support@trainerroad.com if you’re unsure of which workout was the original one assigned in your plan (that you’ll want to have completed for AT to not make adaptations later to account for ‘missing’ it).

But you’re getting the right advice, next time just click and drag around! :slight_smile: