Moving a workout!

I did short morning ride today that I had loaded in the calendar but for some reason the ride saved to yesterdays date? Is there a way to move the workout from 10/14 to 10/15?


just drag it to the correct day, or open in and change the date.

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I have tried on the computer and it wont let me or I am just to thick lol. I will try on my phone.

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it works for me.

I tried this myself, and I cannot move a COMPLETED workout either. Might be good to contact the TR support about this.

I’m able to open the workout and change the date

It may have something to do with it being a planned workout or not. I’m able to move my planned workouts just by opening them and changing the date.

Hmmm… From where do you find the place to change the date of a planned, completed workout? I’m using Chrome, and I cannot find it anywhere.

I see the problem. I’m able to change the date of any “Other Activity”. Automatically imported workouts don’t appear to allow any date changes.

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Mine is a workout I completed already. I don’t know why it loaded it to the day before once I completed it. I had it planned for this morning clicked on it did the workout and it saved it to yesterday. I don’t see a way of moving it.

Unfortunately, you can’t move completed rides around, only ones that are planned for the future. The logic behind this is that you want to know which day you acquired the TSS, and moving completed rides to dates they “weren’t” completed on would skew your perception of the work you did.

That said, there’s an issue with your ride here that’s making it seem like it was completed on Sunday instead of Monday. Is your timezone setting correct here ?

It looks like Carter +1 got recorded as ridden on Sunday night at 11:34pm (almost Monday!), and because of what I think is a timezone setting, it’s not on the correct date. Updating your timezone should sort this out.


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You are correct I didn’t have the correct time zone! THANK YOU!!! I fixed it now it is on the correct day!!!

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@Critwannabe Yessssss, I’m glad we got that sorted out!!!

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I just imported my Zwift workouts that pre-dated TR, and one imported on the wrong date. There are two workouts on 9/11 whereas the Innsbruck ride should be on 9/12. I think Zwift messed up the date as I was having several issues with Zwift at the time (rebooting the Apple TV eventually fixed everything). So, it would be helpful if we could move a completed ride to another date.

@larry can you move it for me, or other suggestions? Thanks, Jeff

Hey Jeff,

I took a look at this and it definitely seems that Zwift messed up the ride date on the second ride (Innsbruck). Unfortunately, there’s nothing I can do on my end to sort this out since the recorded time and date is Sept. 11 at 8:20, and that’s what’s “stamped” on the ride FIT file. I’m sorry I don’t have better news for you!

Hi Larry, really appreciate you checking! Zwift dates them properly in my activity log (see image), but exports the 9-12 workout with 9-11 in the name of the fit file. Pfft. Doesn’t matter, weekly TSS is the same in my TR history! Thanks, Jeff