TSS estimates by TR of imported Strava rides lower when posted to Career?

Since I have been riding outside and logging to Strava, I’ve noticed a discrepancy between the TSS estimate returned when looking at the ride and Estimate Stress than what is captured in Career stats. Generally what gets posted in Career is significantly lower than the number returned by Estimate Stress.

Without looking it up, pretty sure Strava’s Training Load uses a slightly different calculation versus TSS. Probably because Strava didn’t want to pay TrainingPeaks for a license to use TSS.

Strava uses or is based on xPower and BikeScore (Dr. Philip Friere Skiba, PhysFarm Training Systems LLC). See BikeScore – Science4Performance for a better explanation. Also note, CP <>= FTP but can be close for some (most based examine on highly trained).

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To be clear, the TSS estimate is calculated from TR, not Strava as far as I know.

When a ride is imported from Strava, TR flags that there are rides with no TSS. Going to those rides in TR, there is an “Estimate Stress” button where you indicate the effort level and it returns an estimated TSS number. When you go back to the Career page, the TSS number there is less than the number TR estimated in the previous step.

I have had the exact thing happen on two very recent rides. When initially estimated while viewing the ride, was something like 114. After leaving the ride and seeing it in career, it changed to something in the 60s.

To clarify, you are saying that the ride shows up with a certain TSS within the TR ride, and a different TSS within your TrainerRoad Career?

Or are you saying that the TSS in TrainerRoad and the Stress Score in Strava do not match?

Rides coming in from Strava are flagged as having no stress score. TR estimates a TSS of X, but the TSS just calculated by TR gets posted up in the Career Past Rides page as Y and always Y<X

@Bryce Here’s this morning’s commute as an example. Ride sync’d from Strava as recorded by a Lezyne Macro GPS.

Flagged as having no stress, estimate TSS from within TR with a result of “42” but a TSS of “40” is recorded in Career stats. It also seems that the larger the ride TSS the bigger the difference. I had an estimated TSS of ~115 recorded as ~85

Also after going back to the Career page, the Rides with No Stress dialogue box is still there even though there are no rides without TSS .


My commute home estimated TSS was 81, but the TSS in Career is 74.


Thanks for bringing this to our attention @ZeroGravity, we were able to reproduce the behavior here in the office and we have created an issue for the bug. One of our senior support agents, Brennen, has reached out to you on the email you have associated with your account so that we can dig deeper into this issue :ok_hand::

Thanks again!

Happened to me today when I updated my planned 50 minutes/35 TSS workout to actual 45 minutes/32 TSS workout.