TSS for Yoga? Question

I’ve been adding in about 30 minutes of yoga on my rest days, and I’m enjoying it a lot. I try to keep a log of it and when I add it to my TR calendar it gives me about 15 TSS when I put in the duration and Recovery intensity.

I’m curious if that matters? What does @chad say?

Interesting thought. I’m adding my strength training in my calendar but don’t feel enough stress to consider my yoga practice as a factor. I try and get on the mat every morning for 10 minutes before my meditation and then 30-45 minutes 4 to 5 times a week in the evening focused on my mobility restrictions. Got to keep this old man body moving.

From my yoga teacher, Practice makes patterns, patterns become permanent, so practice makes permanent not perfect keep practicing.

This is going to be super variable, depending on what type of yoga you do. If you are doing power or maybe ashtanga yoga, it will take some toll on your body, and you need to account for this. Restorative yoga will be more of a recovery type activity, and won’t accumulate much, if any, “TSS”. It’s like the debate of how to assign TSS to a gym session, it’s super hard because there’s really no measure of exertion. Get to know your body and how much of a toll it takes, and adjust accordingly.


but then you should also be logging every time you climb stairs, walk the dog around the block, stand for long periods of time.

the intensity isn’t much, i’d skip the logging of yoga tss FWIW.