TR Workout, yoga, core work + strength

Seeing as I’m going to have more time to train for the foreseeable I would like to do more yoga/core/strength work which have always been lower on my priority list than getting my TR workout done. Does anyone have any suggestions about what order to do these in? I’m thinking yoga first as a warm up, followed by some core work, then a few squats, deadlifts and pull ups. Should be able to get all that done in under an hour.

Appreciate any thoughts or anything else I should be considering by adding these exercises.


Do you plan on doing a full yoga routine (through Sivasana)? Given the structure of yoga and calmness/relaxation involved with the end of routines I would do the yoga last. This is a great way to easily bring your heart rate down/cool down. Otherwise you go through the routine, cool down, then jack your heart rate back up for the lifting. Also you can easily take care of the core work with yoga and do some up body if you include inversions.

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