Trying outdoor workout for the first time

Going to try outdoor workouts tomorrow - first time - using a wahoo head unit. I think I’m all setup, I see my planned workout on my wahoo.

I plan to ride to some flat terrain, do the workout, then ride back. Should I record at the start, then when I get to my workout start point, start the workout, then do it, end it, ride back, and end the ride? Or should I just not bother starting to track the ride until I’m ready to do the workout? Should I break it up into three separate chunks?


I would start the ride, Ride to your workout locations, start the workout at that point in your current ride, finish the workout and ride home, close out the ride and upload 1 ride. But you def. could record it as 3 seperate rides aswell

thats what I would do, your body will do 1 workout so why record it as 3 workouts?

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I guess I just wasn’t sure how it would post to TR, strava, etc. So I was wondering if it would end up cross posting the same ride a few times. I guess I’ll find out!

This is what my ride uploaded like today. Carson + 55 minutes of riding after.

All good for me - did it twice now.

I did have a weird problem the first time in which the ride wouldn’t sync to Strava or to TR but it did sync to TP. I had to deauthorize Strava - deauthorize, then it sync’d right away to Strava and to TR.

But that solved it.

Just got a new drivetrain installed on my road bike (FSA WE electronic w/ discs). P*ssing down rain all day today and super windy tomorrow…

So I will be doing an outdoor version of today’s workout while free riding in Zwift, just so I can play with the new drivetrain.

This is what I have been reduced to…outdoor workouts inside!! :rofl::rofl:

(Full review of components to follow in a week or so)