TRoad to recovery after serious injury(1)

I am documenting my progress back to fitness after an injury.
I think it might be helpful to anyone who has suffered time out through illness or injury, and hopefully be encouraging.
I wil post an update in 4 weeks.
I started SSBLV today.The ramp test result was FTP 130w, a drop of 31 w from my June figures.
The injury was a skin tear, down to the muscle sheath with no broken bones, muscle damage, but some interal damage to the knee(caused by twisting the leg).
I had 7 stitches, and the rest was steristripped together , and some skin was missing.
I had 12 days of bed rest (till stitches were out) Then short walks on crutches with lots of rest .
I had 3 courses of antibiotics and an infection, which delayed the healing.
I had the dressings changed 2x /week, the wound cleaned and re-dressed.I had honey dressings , then later iodine dressings with a compression bandage.
The care I received was the best. (thanks to the NHS)
It took 10 weeks for the wound to heal completely, and I could start my training again.
This was walking, building up to 10-12 miles this month and incorporating light weights and stretching…
I had continued upper body weights throughout.
Cycling started with short slow road rides of 15-30 minutes twice/week.
Now I have increased to 1 hour , and am doing 3 TR rides/ week to date

I never believed a skin injury could be so hard on the body, and the recovery so slow. (but quick compared to the couch potato apparently!)
Part 2 coming soon, :biking_woman: :biking_woman: