The TRoad back to fitness after injury(2)

Now completed SSBLV, and started the CX speciality plan.
After a week of pedalling squares and wishing I could stop, the next few weeks of training with added drills from Chad, have got me back to feeling a bit more like my pre accident self.
However my FTP is still way off my all time best (last year), and i had the amazing improvement of 1 watt in yesterdays ramp test.
I have a list of excuses ,2 of which are valid.
But it has caused a diemma; do I re-test (when I am fresh) or do continue the CX speciality plan at my current FTP?
Or do I guess and raise my FTP by 8 watts and work to that?
My instinct says to re-test, as I would rather have a more accurate number to train with.And I would rather drop the intensity a few% on days I don’t feel great, than work too easy.
I did my first race last weekend (a mudfest) with a lot of running, for which I have not trained much, only short bursts amongst walking.
I did better than expected, but the lack of improvement in FTP continues to bug me’
The other thing that is noticeable is ,in contrast to when I was injured and inactive, my lack of hunger has returned to normal, whereas I was always hungry when I was injured ,and was eating a good healthy diet to repair the injury more quickly.
It has been harder than I imagined , ,I have had worse things from which to recover (eg. THR operation).
Also the motivation to get back on the bike was low, after I had started hiking as an enjoyable means of getting some fitness early on.
Part 3 of this long (and rather boring ) story next month…

Don’t let your ego interfere. One reason that TR give for being the preferred testing protocol is “easier to repeat precisely.” My understanding of the TR CX specialty plan is that it is focused on anaerobic and vo2max (both of which are mostly independent of FTP). There are a lot of really good coaching tips in the weekly notes and in some of the workouts (the tips no longer always match the workouts after the early 2021 plan updates).

For example read the goals of Osceola or Week 5 tips. If I could sum up my interpretation - the CX specialty plan combines intensity and tapering, listen to your body and don’t burn yourself out.

The lack of improvement in FTP is a separate issue. Maybe you needed a longer base period. Maybe you needed different type of base work than what SSBLV offered. Maybe you needed a build. We could look at data and come up with educated guesses but you are here and starting to race CX. Accept and move on.

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Yes, you make some good points here.
I agree that I need more time working on SS. Having just started the cx speciality plan, I think it will be better to do the Build plan first.
I remember last year after a 20 watt ftp increase, I did the 2nd build phase and it was excruciatingly hard towards the end.
So I shall keep my current ftp and change to Build.
It is more realistic to aim to peak for the cx National Championships, not the Worlds, as 3rd December is just too soon.
Thankyou for your advice. I am enjoying training again, tho’ I hate the cold, so mostly indoors🥶