Trigger finger in both my hands

I recently started getting trigger finger in both hands both ring finger and middle finger are getting it more the middle finger than anything. My doctor and I have determined it from gripping to hard on my MTB. Which I’m no noob I have been riding for years, just recently moved to a mountainous area from flat earth Florida. I have been using a splint on my fingers at night and have backed off riding out doors and only rides g indoors to use me core to lighten the load off the bars. Other than going to a doctor which I have what else could I do at home to remedy this and still keep riding?

Change your grips. Bigger, softer, remove knobs, etc, as well as maybe change your gloves to reduce pressure points.

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I’m going to the doctor tomorrow to see what else I need to do and what else to do.

Get a steroid injection into the surrounding tissue (tendon sheath) . Often cures the problem