Numb fingers while cycling

I have noticed every time I’m out on the bike doing a mordant/hard ride I’ll get one hand normally the right that a couple of fingers go numb on it. And no matter what I do to stop it from happening I can’t. Any thoughts?

Are you wearing gloves and how thick are the pads? Have you tried other gloves or no gloves? I once had a similar issue with a pair of gloves that had thick gel pads. One of the pads seems to press directly on a nerve or something and on long rides I would experience some numbness. Switching gloves to some with thinner and larger pads solved it for me.

Yes I wear gloves I used to wear skinny ones with nearly no padding but now I wear ones with a lot more padding but still have the same problem

From my limited perspective you might want to get a bike fit. I had same problem and went away after the bike fit


See if you can get some weight off your hands - usually moving the saddle back.

which fingers go numb? you could be getting carpal tunnel or putting your hands in a position that mimics it, by tightening your transverse ligament and squeezing your median nerve. Start with a bike fit, talk to a hand doc if if that doesnt help

Moving the saddle back CAN lead to LESS loading on the hand. But it can also lead to MORE loading on the hands.

Many details we don’t have will lead to a potential result in the suggested change. You can try anything you are willing to, but without a lot more info, this is like throwing darts at a board in a pitch black room.

As mentioned, seeing a bike fitter is likely the right approach vs poorly targeted guessing with so little info.

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I personally get numbing from gloves with gel pads. Instead, I use thick tape and minimalist gloves with no padding. I like the Handup short finger gloves, they last forever…but I do wish they would make a plain black one.

Agree with another poster that gloves WITH padding can cause numbness. I have a pair with pads across the pads of my palm that give me numb hands after an hour. I don’t wear them much. Conversely, I like the specialized with pads filling the negative space in the middle of my palm. Part of their body geo line.

I also notice numbness with certain hand angles before a bike fit, particularly ends of the drops. Causes severe wrist/hand angles that I think contributes.

Lastly, and this is probably more special case, I have Raynaud’s, and particularly cold rides, or changes in temperatures (like a long descent after a long climb - even in warmer weather), totally numbs my hands, to the point that I have difficulty shifting.

which fingers exactly and which side of your hand (palm or back)?

Google cyclists palsy

Index middle and ring normally but can vary sometimes pinky

If it only happens on hard rides, do you have your hands in a different position? For example, ride in the drops more? Or do you grab the bars tighter, as in sprinting?

I would have my hands on the hoods/levers

So no difference to an easy ride, where your fingers don’t go numb?

Just wondering if some hand positions make it happen.

On an easy ride mostly of the handlebars

I’ll get numb fingers on hard rides sometimes now, particularly if I wear short finger gloves, but its mainly due to the damage that chemo done to my nerve endings. I usually wear a thin pair of long finger gloves which gives the nerves a bit more protection and any numbness is only momentary.

I had the same issue and changed my handlebars. I was looking for new bars anyway and this just accelerated the change.

I went with an All Round drop bar with about 6 degrees of flare. The change in wrist angle on the hoods helped and is even better in the drops.

the “lot more padding” might be your problem. That was mine. The thick pad just hit the wrong spot on my hand and on long rides it caused problems. Short rides OK but after 2-3 hours I started having problems. Just an issue with that particular glove that had a thick pad in the wrong spot.