Tricking Plan Builder for Ironman Training

I’m signed up for Ironman Tremblant 2021 (fingers crossed), and it will be my first full-distance event after several 70.3’s. My last 70.3 was in June of 2019, where I left the pool and focused on marathon training for the Dopey in 2020 at Disney. Following this, I decided to make 2020 the “year of the bike,” focused on FTP building, weight loss, and enjoying really long days in the saddle. Started rebuilding to improve my Disney marathon for 2021, and that was cancelled this week.

Backstory complete, here’s what i’m trying to figure out:

I entered the August Ironman into planbuilder, and included a warmup 70.3 as a B race in June. The plan it kicked out had me doing a full base-build-specialty block starting in October when I plan to start the training, peaking in April/May then an abbreviated base-build-specialty to bridge to the race. This felt wrong though…?

I tried doing a rebuilt plan, counted 28 weeks back from my race and inserted a fake Olympic event and called it an “A” race. I figure that will give me the ability to still lose some weight (I’m quite overweight), focus on rebuilding swim technique, and keep the family happy through the holidays by keeping my training volume low.

Good strategy? Or would you all try a different approach?

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