Triathlon training plans run workouts (Feature Request)

Hey there,

just started the 70.3 mid voulume plan. It works fine! Getting the results I’m looking for.

Is there a possibility to change run workouts from rpe to pace or hr?

For myself I’ve mapped the instructions to Friels training zones:
RPE 4 = Zone 1 (active recovery/warm up)
RPE6 - Zone 2 (aerobic)
RPE8 - Zone 4 (sub threshold)
RPE>8 - Zone 5a-c

Just wondering if the mapping is “okay” or if I should think about it one more time.
Is it possible to ad pace or hr zones in the calender so that the workouts are prescribed a bit more “do able”?

Regards, Stephan

Rpe 8 is threshold I believe, otherwise looks good

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Thanks, @Bioteknik

Upper end of Z4 is the threshold.

Here is my list with TR RPE added.

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That’s a nice consolidation of … ‘stuff’. I’ve googled around a bit, where did you get it?

I‘ve used TrainingPeaks and the Joe Friel zones quite a while now. And the match between RPE and pace Zones are just from my mind. Wanted to know if I‘m mismatching them, or if it is okay.

@mcneese.chad is there a chance that you describe the run workouts with pace or hr guidance?

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The foundation for my RPE info comes from the TR info:

I also made a separate running doc that I am still refining and don’t consider to be “perfect” yet. But here is what I have on that at the moment.

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