Explanation of workouts for Run/Swim in Triathlon Plans?

Wanted to ask if anyone could link me to a reference site which provides some background/explanations regarding the various terms used for the run and swim workouts in the triathlon plans? For example, one of the suggested swim workouts is below, and frankly I am not sure what all of that means. Is this background info included somewhere on the Trainerroad site? Or is this just common knowledge for most folks?

Warm-Up 250m Easy, RPE4; 6x25m SC Drills w/ 10s rest between drills; 4x100m Easy-Moderate, RPE6 w/ 5s rest between intervals; Cool-Down 250m easy, RPE4

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I think these are what you need:


Great–thanks Chad…I figured this was probably covered somewhere on the site…

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No problem. There is a ton of great info on the “Help” site.
I use the search box there to find a bunch of resources that are useful here.

Edit to add: It might be helpful if TR could add a link to these resources from the related Tri plan pages. What do you think @Bryce?

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I think that’s a great idea, I’ll look into that this week :+1: