Running RPE correlation with pace and Heart Rate

Hello Everyone!
Is there any correlation you guys are using between Running RPE and pace or heart rate zone?
I currently train based on % of my 10km pace and sometimes on heart rate zones.
My current 10km avg pace is 4:04(40:40) and 5km pace is 3:55 (19:35)
I’m struggling to determine my training zones. Hope you guy could help.

Thanks a lot

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Does this help?


I don’t use RPE for runs. I use either pace (for everything else than easy runs), or HR (for easy runs). I don’t use zones per se, as I train with Daniels, which sets pace ranges based on VDOT and the type of workout; I do diverge from Daniels by using 75-78% max HR as my target for “E” runs. After a good base period, there is no difference (in my case) between doing E runs based on HR or pace; but there sure is during base.


After doing some research, i came up with this correlation with the 10k % pace

RPE 04 - 75% or less (warm up)
RPE 06 - 75% to 85% (Marathon to HALF IRONMAN PACE)
RPE07 - 85% to 95% Tempo runs (HALF IM PACE/ OLIMPIC TRIATHLON)
RPE08 - 95% to 105% (Around 100% 10k pace, SPRINT TRIATHLON PACE)
RPE 09 - 105% to 120% VO2max
RPE 10 - 120% or more ALL out sprint


Yup…use the Daniels VDOT chart to determine running paces.

Based on your 5K and 10K times, your VDOT is 51. Training zones based on VDOT are in the chart below . So your easy pace would be 5:02 / KM, your tempo pace would be 4:11 / km, etc.

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Exactly what I use. I do find the E tempos to be too fast for me at the beginning of a base cycle ( probably because my VDOT is lower than my estimate), and that substitution of an HR target for those workouts fixes the problem.

Good point…like testing your FTP, pacing based in VDOT should be done off recent times, nit historical “best” times, etc. so for the OP, if he hasn’t recently run a 5K in 19:35, then the 51 VDOT may be too high.

Like many, I tend to use my target as my VDOT, which pushes the workouts quite a bit initially. Yeah, I know, that’s not how it’s supposed to work. But work it does, in the end. I used Daniels for a couple of years, after using other plans, and it gave me the best results with the least injuries along the way.

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Somebody made a nice comparison of zones, should help you!

TrainingPeaks can give you some indication of where these zones are pace-wise for you, based on a test. Alternatively consider VO2dot or Critical Swim Speed!