Triathlon Running Reverse Polarization

Looking for a bit of info, maybe some of the long course triathletes in the group can point me in the right direction.
I am following trainer road plans through till August where I am aiming for a 70.3 as my A race.
While I am following the traditional periodization model presented by TR, for my bike work.
Was wondering if anyone had any links to any resources on reverse polarization in running training. And whether any one had experiences of following something like this for longer races??

Do you mean “reverse periodization?” As in doing more speed and vo2 stuff in the early season and then move towards the longer endurance miles later in the season as you get closer to your race?

There’s actually a lot out there. I think TrainingPeaks has a number of articles on it. Joe Friel has a lot of info shot his was as he’s a big proponent of the periodization model and people thought “reverse” would go against what he preached. But he’s recently made more clear his philosophy is very similar to that of TR.

“Periodization” just means that your training goes through “periods” and progresses from general to specific. That means that if you are doing long course racing then yes, you do more specific longer tempo and endurance work as you get closer to your race. So that’s not really “reverse” it’s just “specialized,” which is why I like the “base,build,specialty” terminology vs. “Base, Build, Peak.”

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