Polarized Triathlon (Duathlon) plans?


Sorry if ive missed it - I have been searching… Im keen to start a Polarized plan but they all appear at this stage to be cycling. Is there a Trialthlon version? (actually Duathlon is specifically what im after but I use the Tri plan and delete he swimming)

What distance do you race? Where would race pace efforts fit into a Polarized plan?

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Hi Sam,

Im currently training for 70.3 (using the available half distance plan on TR) and ive been keen to try a polarized plan for some time, following several years of hitting interval after interval, as I think this approach lends itself to the longer distance events really well.

I may find after a period of time that I dont respond so well to it but will be really interesting to try.

Fair enough. The great thing about polarised is the simplicity, so I don’t think you really need a set in stone plan. If I were you, I would aim for 3 hard sessions a week — 2 bike/1 run one week, 1 bike/2 run the next, then the rest easy gradually building mileage/CTL and you’ll be good to go

Yeah - I guess I could choose the mid volume plan and then manually space out 4 runs (which I would mostly do at MAF pace) . So a Wed, Fri, Sat, Sun run. I would just need to ensure I include the relevant amount of Zone 3 in the runs each week.

Sounds like a good plan. As for the Z3 runs — doing them when you feel good would be a solid plan. After a week or so you’ll work out the pattern of when you feel good/tired and adjust accordingly.

Don’t be afraid of reducing the intensity of the MV bike days either

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