New pyramidal vs polarized study

Looks like it’s pyramidal into polarized for final race tuning, for the win.

This is an approach many coaches have been using. Good to see the science backing it up.


An interesting study but people should read the pdf and pay attention to the limitations the authors talk about before assuming this makes sense for cycling…especially as the performance test was a steady state 5km run and didnt include anything that might be similar to the type of racing involved in most bike races eg sprints, winning moves, chasing breaks etc. More info for the debates though!


Exactly, 5k run as performance outcome. Once again favouring Z3. Furthermore, it’s running. I can’t imagine that 1xZ2+1xZ3 vs 2xZ3 would make a difference. Running with all the biomechanics is a different beast.

What’s really interesting to see how fast those POL driven improvements came. And how quickly they levelled off. Really just a tool for peaking I’d say when race demands ask require it. This year-round-always-POL narrative, I don’t know.



Year round polarized training is nuts. Maybe, it works for some sports? Not cycling. There’s just too much work required in the middle zones.

I’ve found the actual polarized message of, hard session / easy session, a far more logical application of the principal.

If you ride high volume, particularly outside, it’s almost impossible not to end up pyramidal. As long as you do a solid volume of aerobic training and sprinkle in higher intensities. You’re getting it right.