Triathlon ‘22 review: best triathlete?

Interesting review with Crowie

Who did it for you? Best race?

For me, it has to be Blummenfelt on the men side and Flora Duffy on women side. Kristian’s results over all the distances make him the most versatile and best triathlete overall. Flora on the other hand dominated the WTCS and showed good performances in PTO events.
I would then go for Gustav Iden and Hayden Wylde and Ashleigh Gentle and Paula Findlay as 2 and 3


For some reason I want to say Iden, but Blu wining IMWC (Utah), 70.3 WC, Sub7 challenge, all the other racing too.

Season openers, Oceanside 70.3 was an amazing race for the men. I think there were a few early races that were exciting actually.

Can’t argue with Duffy but lots of short course action going on, and an honourable mention to Ryf and Charles-Barclay imo for what they achieved despite problem seasons.

That’s funny, I had exactly LCB and Ryf in my mind when I was typing #2 and #3, as well as Taylor Knibb. It’s hard to decide really, different distances, so many events. Even Sam Long had a good season, as well as Ditlev and Neumann, although people don’t seem to value Australian races too much (Max won 3 this year)

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Chelsea Sodaro - I think almost no one had her pegged to even podium and she ends up becoming the first US athlete to win IM WC in 20 years (and the first female to do so in 26 years)

Gustav Iden - I dig his vibe. He seems like he’d be a fun guy to hang out with. He pops up and posts on slowtwitch every so often. The way he dropped Blum and ran down Laidlow at the WC was super impressive

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