Tokyo 2020 Olympic Triathlon Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

Hi all,

We have a Olympic cycling only thread, we have a non-cycling thread, as usual Triathlon is the Forgotten, the Outcast! :smiley:

Mens racing starts at 22:30 BST today apparently coverage into 01:00 tomorrow night so it’s a late one for me, if I can keep my eyes open…then Women’s tomorrow and finally relay.

Can anyone translate that into EST/PST etc.?

Anyone else up for this?

Unfortunately Britain isn’t going in favourites this time, but I think we’ve got a reasonable shot with Johnny Brownlee and Alex Yee, and perhaps and even better one with Georgia Taylor-Brown, Jess Learmonth and Vicky Holland :crossed_fingers:


5:30est / 2:30 PST.

We’ll be watching. I’ll probably be watching from the trainer as it’s another ozone day here :expressionless:

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I haven’t followed the Tri scene for a while, but I’ll definitely be watching.

Unfortunately I think our women’s team isn’t particularly strong (second hand opinion), but apparently we’ve got a young fella (Wild) who’s half a chance if it comes together on the bike.

What’s the course like this year?

From the events I’ve seen this year, I would be surprised if Vincent Luis didn’t take the Gold. That guy is a beast.

He hasn’t raced much so it’s hard to say where he’s at, I’m thinking Luis will be on the podium somewhere though

Hot and humid, the bike is long 43km because it’s really flat.

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Well that’s some pretty early drama

What a farce

All good now. It happens

30 degree water temp, not sure I’ve experienced that OW

Just turning on. What happened?

Started the race with a boat still reversing in front of half the field. Could’ve diced a few of them.

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I thought it was a false start. At least that was what the portuguese commentators said on Eurosport.

Yee 22s back with Blummenfelt, Pearson and Iden

Luis looking strong, come on Johnny

Holy drafting. Ha

Different game isnt it? :smiley: I find it hard to imagine.

Very much and not sure watching makes it more or less entertaining yet

More tactics - Blummenfelt and Yee working at the front of the chase pack to bring them back

Pearson penalty?

EDit - goggles and cap missed his box