Tri training and multisport watches

Hello fellow Trainer Road users!

So I am just getting started with triathlon training, coming from a strength sport background and cycling regularly the past 18 months.

Now, my problem is that I have become so used to having structured training in place, that I struggle to wrap my head around training for the swim and run portions. I use power based training indoors and on my road bike…BUT…what tools can I use to implement realtime training goals/metrics on the swim/run, instead of looking back after a session.

I have the latest SUUNTO training watches but I am no longer able to implement training plans or run pacing. So my question to all you experienced one’s, what’s the best alternative training computer to use? I would like to be able to load a specific training or even race event plan, with time/distance based splits and pacing. Is this even possible?

So spoilt with BestBikeSplit and my Wahoo head-unit…

Thanks gents!

I know with the newer Garmin watches you can load workouts on to them for swim and run just like with bike workouts (including the new TR workouts I believe - - haven’t tried it yet). I’m not sure how the swim ones work, but I assume it’s similar to the run workouts where you set your intervals up and complete them based on various selectable metrics like aiming to be in a certain pace or HR zone. I don’t think you could do it for a race since you’d want to use the multisport mode for that and not the “training” mode where workouts are accessed.

I’ve used the workouts a few times and while they work well, I find it pretty easy to remember my workout I have planned and what paces I’m trying to hit for given intervals so I just do it “manually”. :grinning: