Triathlon Questions

Hello, I’m a triathlete and I’m thinking to start using Trainer Road but a have a lot of questions and I really appreciate if someone could help me to answer them. And sorry for my English, I’m from Argentina.


  1. I’m a Garmin user, and I have all my activities in Garmin, the question is ¿Does all my activities sync with trainer road? and ¿Does all the data like kilometers, heart rate and metrics sync too or only the duration?

  2. I have a smart trainer, so when I train indoors there is no problem with the power meter, but when I ride outside in my road bike (yes, I don’t have a TT bike) I don’t have a power meter, so how can I respect the training if I want to do it outside without a power meter.

  3. ¿Does the running/swimming/Gym activities sync automatically if I sync Garmin with Trainer Road?

  4. ¿For the activities that are not indoor bike training, is there an option to calculate the training stress with the heart rate that Garmin measure?

  5. ¿Are there graphics to see how many hours/distance do you spend per week/month/year in each sport run/swim/bike/indoor bike/gym ?

  6. I want to race a 70.3 Iron Man, but I also want to do a 160km road race, is there a plan for that? Because I want to perform well in both of them. Of course there are not the only races of the season but there are the most important ones

  7. ¿Is there something extra you have to pay in addition to the monthly subscription?

Thanks a lot!

  1. You can sync TR workouts to Garmin but not the other way around. You can plan and manually add them to the calendar in TR
  2. You can use a combination of Heart rate and RPE for similar intensities
  3. Not yet but it will
  4. Not with HR yet but you can manually add training stress scores, duration and distance
  5. Sort of but they are relatively limited at the moment
  6. Yes, there are plenty of plans to follow or adapt to suit your needs
  7. No
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You are not able to add the time spent swimming in the calendar, only TSS.

It’s very annoying that you don’t see the total time for training each week.

With the last week, time is included for swimming on the calendar.

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All the data come across. TR WILL pull in from Garmin Connect. Simply sync your Garmin with Garmin Connect and TR will pull in the information. However, TR will only be able to pull in the last last 30 days of information. This is a limitation imposed by Garmin.

There is a thread here about estimating TSS for non-PM rides. I will return to using the hrTSS generated by Garmin.

No. This is something that is coming but is not there yet. You have to add all the information.

See above. TR does not calculate hrTSS. You can put it in. Perhaps in the future TR will have importing that as an option.

Never looked.

Plan for the 70.3 or the 130km race? Yes for each. Not a plan to mix the two.

You could do the long distance bike with the rest of the 70.3 plan if you want. Honestly, i think you will be fine just doing the 130km on the 70.3 Tri plan. No swim and no saving for a run – you have lots in the tank!

Nothing extra for TR to run!

Ask around, many of us have 30 day trials; we can give you one.