Tri Race A completed, now new Target in sight, but how to prepare?

Hey everyone first time poster here…

Quick summary, 34 year old male TrainerRoad user since Mid Feb, avid listener of the podcasts and training for The Roc - Wales triathlon. I followed a half distance plan with a starting FTP of 254 watts which I managed to increase up to 288 watts in my last ramp test in April, I completed 12 weeks of low volume base and 5 weeks of Mid volume build in the months leading up to my ‘A’ Race.

I came 32nd overall and was pretty chuffed with my bike splits given my lack of experience (this is my second Triathlon) and the fact I raced on a road bike with clip on Aero bars.

I’ve now signed up for The Roc - England which is in 8 weeks time. I have a recovery week to complete which leaves me with 7 weeks inc a taper - So my question is what would be the most effective way to go about training for this? Do I jump back into the latter part of the Mid Volume build phase and then squeeze in some specialty and taper, or restart the build phase, maybe switch it out for sweet spot build or base?

I didn’t see much, if any, improvement in FTP after my base phase and want to ensure I don’t waste time going back over ground that isn’t effectively increasing my power output.

Thanks for reading