Adding Suggested TrainNow Workout to the calendar does not what I would expect

Recently I discovered that the calendar supports adding a Suggested TrainNow Workout as an activity. That was a surprise, as it’s called “TrainNow” and not “TrainThen”, right? :wink: Anyway, I tried it in the Mac desktop app and found a behavior that made me think it’s not working as it should.

Let’s assume I don’t have a plan or anything in my calendar. I just finished a workout (with TrainNow, but that should not matter). Now I want to schedule my next workout two days from now. So I go to the calendar, click the day field two days from today, and in “Add Activity” I hit "Suggested TrainNow Workout*. The workout marked as “Recommended” is an Endurance workout with TSS 35.

Then two days pass and I simply click “TrainNow” and see which workout is now recommended and I get recommended something much more intense.

So it seems that adding a TrainNow workout to the calendar does not take into account the recovery time that will have passed until the day of the workout.

To me, this defeats the purpose of adaptive training and qualifies as a bug. I would recommend to remove the item from the “Add Activity” menu until the behavior takes recoveries and everything on the calendar between now and the target date into account.

Thanks for reading!

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I had not noticed you could do this. This is similar to something you can do in Xert and the team always say “you can, but you shouldn’t”. This seems like the same thing. I just tried it out in TR and it recommends an endurance workout for me today, which makes sense since I did TSS rides on Saturday/Sunday and have Yoga/Stretching on the calendar for today. So, I checked tomorrow, where I have a SS workout scheduled and it recommended the same endurance workout. Then I checked Wednesday, where I have Tempo ride scheduled, and sure enough, it recommended the exact same endurance workout.

Definitely seems like unintended behavior.

i am not sure if i understand your question correctly or you don’t understand “Train Now”?

So Train Now works only today (Workout of the day) and not for tomorrow or the next day after tomorrow or next week, on this days you get different Train Now Trainings as today

I didn’t really ask a question. I explained what I observed and how it’s not in line with my expectations. The feature “schedule a suggested TrainNow on the calendar” does exists. And for all the reasons explained, it does not make much sense.

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Just checked and found that this “feature” is not available in the web app, but it is in the iOS app (and as stated above, in the macOS desktop app).

ahh, now i understand and i can replicate it on iOS, this feature make only sense for today, but not for future workouts, i can add a Train Now Training next week on my rest day, but today Train Now don’t knows how i am rested to give me today a Trainnow workout for next week

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