TrainNow and Strength Training

How important is it for PlanBuilder and TrainNow to know that I am doing a lot of strength training each week? I over-reached a bit too far in the previous 3 weeks, with a lot of strength training (3x weekly) and low volume sweet spot base I (LV SSBI), 3X efforts weekly (6 days on, one day off).

I am wondering if I should enter planned strength workouts into my plan in some way, say as something like a 30 minute intensity 6 (30 TSS) effort. Would PlanBuilder and TrainNow then know to recommend some lighter/slower progressions for me on the bike? I realize this is probably the reverse of what most people want (I’m prioritizing strength over time on bike).

Or is it just up to me to select alternates and more achievable efforts from time to time, rather than trying to be productive and progress? I don’t want the AI to think I am a wimp, but I don’t recover as fast at my mid-40s age, and may need to skip a bike workout here and there, or lower it to Z2, to keep myself well.

I’m just not sure how important it is for me to inform the AI that I am doing other efforts.


I don’t think AI takes account of anything other than TR/ TR Matched workouts with regards to TSS currently, Train Now might. I think the TR team are working on AI so it does.

AFAIK, no TR function (neither AT nor TN) leverages anything other than cycling workouts at this time.

So, for strength training and any other non-cycling activities that add notable stress to your life and body, you need to make your own adjustments relative to what is on your TR agenda.

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Hey, so I’m in a very similar boat as you are. First statement would be that I’m not aware of a “true” method for converting your strength training into TSS. Wish we could but I think it’s apples to oranges. Next, I always ask myself a few questions. 1) What is my goal? This can very well change over a short period of time. Therefore, I like to think of training in “blocks”. 2) What kind of strength training am I performing during this block. 3) What kind of riding am I performing during this block.

If you’re adding weight to the bar every or almost every workout, a la StrongLifts 5x5 or Starting Strength, and weight lifting is your primary focus…then something along the lines of TB/TrainNow with emphasis on endurance is possibly the max you can handle. A step up would be modifying a SSB LV Plan into 2x 1 hour SS workouts and sub’ing in an endurance ride on the weekend. Realize you’re loosing the benefits of the threshold workout on the weekend and over all cycling fitness gains may be lower.

If cycling and getting faster is your goal, then I recommend looking into the videos/articles Coach Chad has to offer. He and his team have done a great job of explaining strength training for cyclist i.e. for those who prioritize cycling ability over strength training but know that strength training can support their goals.

As always n=1 :grinning:


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Why are you doing so much rides besides the plan? Low volume plans are already very intense. I would combine at least leg day with a scheduled hard workout (ie on the same day as a threshold or vo2max workout), strength in the morning, riding in the late afternoon or evening otherwise your lower body really will have no time to recover. Here on TR they say to do cycling before strength but the general consensus amongst the Bros is to go into the gym as fresh as possible to maximise workouts. Upper body I usually do on non TR days, I don’t really think it affects rest that much

(I’m past my mid forties too btw)

Thanks for the feedback. I think you are right that it really depends week-by-week on the strength training focus and intensity, and I also agree about swapping in an endurance ride for the threshold at times. And the suggestion to add a rest day at the expense of a double-workout day is also good. I think I’ll get the hang of this, plus I will likely drop a strength day once there is nicer weather for riding here in North America.

Agree with this.

My coach’s strength workouts have pretty obvious patterns. Near the end of the year when I’m not really racing it’s more traditional strength training.

When I have more races it’s more functional and stability type stuff. And always core.

If I have a bigger gap between races she might throw in some additional strength workouts.