Add strength training to plans

I can’t see anyone else suggesting this, but it would be an amazing feature to add a toggle button to Plan Builder for Base Phase that added in 2-3 strength sessions that took into account cycling TSS, recovery, and timing (spaced out far enough from your harder cycling sessions). It would also be great for the plan to initially decrease the cycling load for a few weeks as the body gets used to the stress of strength training then maybe ramp back up. The strength workouts don’t need to be fully prescribed workouts–they can just refer to TR blog posts on strength training for cyclists. I find when I’m focused on a TR plan, I prioritize the plan and strength training inevitably falls off the schedule. This is especially true for SS base, since SS is not a walk in the park, and anything SS and above when first getting back into strength training can feel excruciating. And if I rate a workout too hard and the reason is a strength training session, I can’t put Fatigue or TR will adjust future cycling workouts inappropriately.

I think I did my due diligence to ensure this wasn’t already suggested, but please do point to another thread if this was already suggested.


I love this idea and would toggle it instantly.