Trainingpeaks Workout to Garmin - Screen Display

with custom workouts within TR pushing to outdoor not yet a thing, building them out in TP and pushing to garmin is the next best option.

I typically have used the suggest TR garmin screen setup for the stock workouts shown below.

One question I have, for workouts such as over/unders, when setting up in TP you build out “steps”. So if you want to do 4min under, 1min over, you do a 3x repeat of 2 steps with the over and the under being a step. If I want to see the NP for each of either the over or the under, what would i be looking to put onto my display? is it lap NP? this seems incorrect as i would not be needing to hit lap on the garmin, but unsure what otherwise i could select.

For workouts, the Garmin will automatically create laps for every interval. So the over and under will be 2 different laps. I would use Average Power in this situation and not NP because with intervals that short NP will be heavily influenced by the 30s before the intervals starts. So you can use either Lap AP or Last Lap AP depending on whether you want to monitor the current lap or be able to review the previous interval.


Thanks this is helpful to understand how garmin actually breaks these workouts up and what then to use.