Outdoor Workouts on Garmin Edge

I have begun trying to actually follow TR workouts for my long weekend endurance rides, and I am running into a problem which I believe is a result of the way the workouts are created/pushed to Garmin. On the workout screen, the power target is based on Lap Power, rather than either 3-second or 10-second power, and next to that, “Current” power is displayed (not 3-second or 10-second power). This makes it more difficult for me to focus on staying in the recommended power range, particularly once I am more than 30 minutes into the interval.

For workouts that I create directly in Garmin Connect, the workout screen shows 3-second power (as the primary target) and average power for the interval, and this set-up is much easier to work with.

Is there any way to change the way workouts that are pushed from TR to Garmin are configured so that they use 3-second power rather than lap power as the primary target?

If it matters, I am using Garmin Edge 1040 Solar.

ETA: One consequence of using “Lap Power” as the target power metric is that if I have to stop for some reason (i.e., red light, refill bottles, “nature” break), then the display makes it look like I am failing the interval, even though I am riding within the target power range once I resume the ride. At best, this is psychologically defeating/demotivating; at worst, it may encourage riding above the target power in an attempt to get the indicator to turn green again. (I don’t do this, but I have thought about it.)

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Set up a new workout screen: Outside Workouts: Garmin Setup - TrainerRoad Blog

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This. :point_up:

I do outside w/o’s with Garmin 530 mostly, works well with a shorts like 40/20 and long ones too. 10s average + interval average power + avg cadence + time remaining in one screen. Graphic visualization in other screen. I jump between these two. Rest and strart of interval typically in graphic one, then into numeric one to see & adjust more precisely.

You probably haven’t tried to set that up on the Garmin Edge 1040 Solar. First, “Step Avg Power” is not an available field, and the field that is available, “Primary Target” displays similar to what I have provided in my screenshots in the original post (except that it only shows the target power range if you put it in a field that is double-height). While I could then also add “10-second power” to the screen, that’s not a very efficient use of my screen, as I would have to use two fields when one would be sufficient if the workout was defined correctly.

And naturally we train ourselves to pee during moving set recovery 1-2 minutes :smiley: been there done that, no need to optimize Garmin screens and buttons for that, just quality frontal bibs and known wind direction. Must train the whole package…

FWIW: Here’s what the TR recommended screen layout looks like on the 1040 Solar. Note that the target power range is not displayed in a text format in single-height field.

Yeah there’s a popup that shows the range at the beginning of each interval.

I am not a triathlete.


So your point is what… that my concern/request is invalid?

Correct, thats how TR sends the workout to Garmin. Other platforms send workouts with 3-sec power. There are other options (for example 10-sec power), I wrote a long forum post about it. Since then, Garmin has added 2nd target to replace the Step Distance on the default workout page of the 1040, 840, and 540. So its now possible to have a power target with 3-sec averaging, and a secondary target with cadence or HR (which replace the Step Distance in your screenshot).

Nope, your question is valid, but let’s move on, not going to explain more than this. :+1:

The short answer is yes if you enjoy performing a binary edit on FIT files, or writing an app to do that. But then you have to let it get pushed to your 1040, grab it and transfer to your computer, and then replace on your 1040. Or rewrite the workout in TrainingPeaks or something else. Or simply create another workout screen on your 1040.

Send an email to support@trainerroad.com and politely ask if they would consider making this an option in TR (lap power vs 3-sec).

Hey there!

Because of how TR pushes Outside Workouts to Garmin, we’d recommend Creating a Custom Garmin Screen as @Barry_Bean mentioned. That will allow you to set up a workout page with 3s power (or any power averaging you’d like).

Thanks for the responses. I’m going to continue to create my own workouts in Garmin Connect.

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FWIW and IMHO something like TrainingPeaks is far better than Garmin because you can create a library using % FTP instead of a power range. Therefore if your ftp changes, you can still use the workout. You can do that with Garmin, but only using zones. The tradeoff is cost, once down the TP path you’ll likely want to upgrade from free to Premium for the convenience of managing within a library. I’ve been very happy with TP, and buy subscriptions when on discount (Black Friday). One of these days I’ll try using Intervals, they support having a 2nd target whereas TP does not. Hope that helps.

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You can set intervals using % FTP in GC… just need to select that option in the selection widget:

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I found the workout creator on intervals wayyy better than TP. It also pushes to garmin and you can set when you want lap button or not.

Honestly, I kinda prefer intervals than TP overall.

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Secondary target with HR is broken on Intervals (I’ll report it). FWIW I’ve got a library of stuff on TP, and you can set when you want lap button or not. My interest in Intervals is growing but honestly WKO is a lot lot better. But yeah, a lot to like about Intervals. All I do on TP is manage calendar and library of workouts. TP sent me several surveys in 2021 and 2022, and I told them “UX is out-of-date, copy what Intervals has done.”

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