TrainingPeaks annual Premium sub announcement

I appreciate TrainingPeaks sending an email about the upcoming annual Premium subscription price change. Unlike Strava which wasn’t forthcoming until it made bad publicity, TP did it right.

email received:
Thank you for using TrainingPeaks Premium. We want to let you know about an upcoming price change to your subscription.

Starting March 15, 2023, the price for annual Premium subscriptions will increase from $119/year to $124.99/year.

Our teams have been hard at work bringing you great new Premium features and integrations to help you reach your goals stronger, healthier, and faster. This update will help us continue delivering even more to your TrainingPeaks Premium experience.

For more information about this change, visit [our FAQs]

Thank you for trusting TrainingPeaks to help you achieve your next Peak Performance!

Glad I signed up when they had that 20 or 25% off back in December for the annual. Either way, will be renewing as it’s worth it in my book.


That’s strange. I got the same email, but my annual premium subscription is going from $75/year to $82/year. Maybe because we’re in different countries?








Just kidding, My TP premium is exactly the same and the email I got was identical. :slight_smile: #stravafail !


I got the same, and I thought it was great that they were transparent and straightforward about the price, but then this vague sentence kind of bugged me.

If you’re going to say that, you need to make users aware of what those great new features are to make the $5 increase seem even more minimal than it is.

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I have noticed a lot of new features in my TP. The new “analytics” tab on the mobile app, for example, is quite nice. For me, the UI improvements on the desktop app are also welcome changes.


I dont know, they talk about improvement in TP, but honestly they improve it a glacial speed. It’s kinda a joke what they do when you compare it to where they are constantly improving with probably a fraction of the budget. Yeah i use it because i’ve collected enough plans that i still want to use, but otherwise its behind the times. They need to step it up. $5 price increase…thats minimal, but it sure would be nice if they stepped up the upgrades.


This was in the app when I opened it tonight

and just now when I refreshed the web page on my laptop.

It’s funny when you put it like that because, to drive the point further, is developed by literally one person.


This forum pointed me to a few months ago. Don’t even have the training peaks app anymore on my devices

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Same, gave up TP after discovering ICU (which I donate for). TP interface on the phone is crap, and I found workout creator (which I have no use for anyway) to be too “clunky”. I think they are focusing on training plans, and not on the user experience for those who mostly wanted to analyze data/create workouts.


I cancelled my premium subscription a couple of years ago, partly for this reason, but mostly because I just didn’t use the premium features (I’m no longer coached and don’t have a TP plan). As a ‘free’ user, what I have noticed is rather than adding new features they are just slowly disappearing features from the free version and making them premium. Can’t really complain when it’s free really. I do like that they have been transparent about price increases and communicated effectively…. unlike some companies…. :blush: is great

but for planning my swim bike run strength, copying my weeks etc, training peaks is wayyyyy better.
I might even consider getting a training plan at some point.
Oh and the way it syncs up my workouts to my watch/devices seamlessly, makes it worth dealing with a super clunky app. (Like seriously, ux anyone?)

oh, the calendar and workout builder works great, they just don’t really make significant improvements otherwise. I mean sure they added weather and some power profile stuff, but meaningful improvements a few and far between.

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What would you consider a meaningful improvement? Genuinely curious. I rarely use the TP app and on the computer using it

Does have a mobile app? Or just web/desktop app?

As for TP feature, if you have Garmin Connect syncd with TP, you can see your sleep metrics. Obviously you would also need a Garmin watch. I think there were a few other features and/or improvements but I’ll have to dig those up unless someone can find the change log history.

well, just a few off the top of my head:

  1. they could allow the scatter plot to actually save what you set for x and y axis, rather than the user having to go in and change them every time they open the software.
  2. Show peak power curve after a certain amount of KJ
  3. incorporate an estimated ftp
  4. Have a power vs HR chart or EF (for similar rides) and overlay over different time periods
  5. Connect with apple heath, rather than having to buy a middleman app to do the transfer.

that’s enough to get them started

  • Just this, no mobile app specifically.

for #5 is that a tp issue or an apple health issue?

not sure many people know about this, but you can suggest and vote on TP improvements here TrainingPeaks Customer Feedback (374 ideas) – Ideas for Peaksware

granted, it might take 5 years for them to implement something, but this is the way


lol, a backlog is a backlog :stuck_out_tongue:
thanks for the link!