Training stress beyond the plan

I’m doing The Sustained Power Build medium volume plan. It averages 426 weekly as a TSS but for the first two weeks I’ve averaged 688 as TSS. Primarily the extra is a couple of group rides during the week and commuting to work by bike. My question is this; am I hurting my long term success with the plan by getting this much more training stress, and should I be backing it down? Thanks in advance.

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I’m similar in that commuting contributes to a large portion of my weekly TSS.

I dont think its detrimental that you have additional TSS on top of your TR plan, as long as you can sustain and increase this as the plan progresses.

You develop your strength throughout the plan by gradually increasing the stress week on week, so youll need to continue the same hours and intensity every week in your group rides and commutes so that your overall TSS increases alongside the plan.

I know there was a podcast that talked about commuting. From recall, the basic jist is that the TR workouts are the priority and if the commutes or GR’s don’t allow for successfull completion of the planned workouts then adjustments may need to be made. BTW, that’s a nice amount of TSS per week but as long as your able to follow the plan and do the commutes there shouldn’t be a problem.

just keep an eye on it and see if it’s driving your CTL too quickly, or if you’re feeling fatigued before the rest week, back it down a bit. Good luck!

i commute almost daily and like everyone said just add TSS in slowly and you will be fine. im now over 700 most weeks and doing great