Commuting and high volume plan

I’m on high volume plan, beginning this coming week a new plan after forced two week off-season (broken back derailleur). I want to start commuting to work (about 7 km, 20-25 min, ~15-20 hrTSS, easy pace, depends on which way because there is some climbing on the way back home).

How I should manage this? Should I consider that TSS for the total count? Should I skip my workouts on recovery weeks? Any tips?


I have a similar commute. It’s on my CX bike which has a powermeter - looking back it’s always 10-20 tss. Depends on how late I’m running in the morning and if I want to take a longer route on the way home

I personally count it in my TSS (mostly because it auto loads from my Garmin watch to TR) and my total duration and distance because I like to know how much time I spent on the bike for a year. Because it represents such a small percentage of my overall TSS and it never makes me feel tired I continue to commute on recovery weeks, race weeks, etc.

Have done it for years. Similar commute mileage/TSS. It’s definitely hard.

I generally skip the endurance rides during rest weeks and just do the commuting, otherwise it’s not much of a rest. But I also generally do more TSS than the regular TR plans from other rides outside of commuting/workouts, so YMMV.

My other advice, which I should follow more, is to make the commute as close as possible to another workout, so the commute ends up being more of a longer warmup or extended cooldown, and not a completely different ride.