Training/Rest advice

I feel bad now! That’s almost certainly not what he would tell me. It’s more a reflection of my lack of desire to spend money on seeing him.

If I need to by middle of the week I will and will report his no doubt excellent advice.

I do a bit of rolling but struggling to think to effectively how to hit this area. Will try it out :+1:

Appreciate all the input

I have a Direto also. When I bought it, I understood in concept about the wattage floor for trainers, and discovered when in the big ring, mid-to-small cassette cog, I was not able to hit target power during lower power sections e.g. rest intervals.

The attached table shows the working range (wattage ceiling and floor) for cadence/gearing combinations for the Direto. If you ride big ring, mid cassette for your work intervals, be aware you may need to shift into the small ring for rest intervals.



Awesome chart. Where is that found?

I made it based on a chart Elite had posted showing wattage ceiling/floor vs. speed (kph). I converted the speed into gearing/cadence, as that’s more relevant for an indoor trainer.


Is that a home creation? I love a good spreadsheet. Will get a good look at that later when home. Thanks!

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Yep - a home creation (see my earlier post above). I also have other versions for compact and semi-compact cranks, as well as 11-32 and 12-27 cassettes. Happy to send whichever one best matches your setup.

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Please get a bike fit.



Hi mate! That’s one awesome spreadsheet! Kudos! :smile:

Care to share compact cranks + 11—28 and 11-32 cassette version?

I’m getting Direto for my 50-34 compact, so trying to figure which casette would best work for me.

The difference between the 11-28 and 11-32 on the trainer will be small - and especially if you’ll be running in erg mode - where you won’t be changing gears at all, hence the difference will essentially be zero.

I’m traveling for work this week, and the spreadsheet is on my home laptop. Will dig it up when I get home at the end of the week.


I appreciate it.

Your sheet is based on power vs. speed curve originally posted on GP Lama blog, right? I couldn’t figure out where he got it, bu I’ve found sheets with somewhat different numbers (for both Direto and Drivo) on Elite forums:

Check with Elite support today, they sent me the same sheets.

So, here it is, for whom it may concern :-): Direto and Drivo wattage floors for 11-32, 11-30, 11-28 and 11-25 cassettes. You can change chain ring and preferred/acceptable cadence ranges, the rest calculates/formats accordingly.

Full Excel sheet is here:

Enjoy, guys!

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Looks like the guys at Elite replicated my spreadsheet :).

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Actually, I replicated it. :slight_smile: Guys from Elite provided just min/max power values for 10/20/30/40/50/60 km/h. I did the rest to figure out what cassette to get for my trainer this fall. I ride 11-32 outside, but think I don’t need ratio that wide indoors.

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Here’s my version of 11-32, compact cranks

You find it accurate, using your Direto? For example, your chart states 75-653 W @ 20 km/h, and the one from Elite 93-586W @ 20 km/h. But really, around 260W FTP, it should’t matter, all intervals and recoveries should fit inside both windows, right?

I can’t really check, as I don’t own Direto. :slight_smile: I’m considering it for this fall. How do you like your Direto overall?

I’m coming from “dumb” Elite Qubo Fluid that I quite liked for past three winters. On the market of direct trainers, Direto looks like a best deal to me.

My Direto has been flawless. I ride in little ring, middle of the cassette. No problems hitting both low and high power targets.

With the new Elite Suito, you should be able to get a pretty good deal on a Direto.

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