Training Plan with CrossFit


I’m following TrainerRoad for over five years now and it helped me tremendously in successfully racing Leadville 100 in 2018.
As for many of us, life can get in the way and my training decreased significantly while my weight increased in 2019. My motivation is lacking and I decided two spice things up a little bit to get things going again in 2020 with the following action:

  1. I got a spot for Leadville 100 in 2021 via the lottery
  2. Started CrossFit twice a week @ 5 am

I would like to start a new TR plan soon with workouts in the evening during the week (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday) and workouts on the weekend. In addition, I would like to extend CrossFit workouts to 3x weekly @ 5am each time (or keep it at twice a week).

I fully understand that CrossFit is not the right sport if I’m truly committed to cycling. However, given the 5 am workout option for CrossFit and the motivation from the community, I would like to continue with CrossFit.

My challenge/question is related to the optimal timing for my workouts.

My CrossFit workouts (2-3x per week) would be weekdays at 5 am.
My TR workouts during the week would be around 8 pm. Weekend rides are currently Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning (if the family schedule and weather allows).

What would be the best schedule to combine CrossFit and TR? Should I have 2 full rest days (Monday and Friday) and complete TR and CrossFit workouts on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday (5 am and 8 pm each)? Would it be better to do CrossFit on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday at 5 am and TR on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday around 8 pm keeping Friday as a try rest day?

See what works for you…: personally I like to have two full rest days and do more double days.

Awesome that you wanna start CrossFit, so I’m actually “switched” from only cf into cycling I was to beat up but I was training competitively cf nonetheless if you want to combine those two I believe you can but just listen to your body specially when it comes to any squatting movement because if you let your form go only a little you gonna feel it on bike and you gonna develop imbalances, so a lot of mobility after each class at least 10 min spin on the bike or row 10 minutes EASY
right now I’m following base phase mid volume 1
And doing 5 CrossFit sessions a week plus I work on construction so it’s doable but listen to your body is main thing and one more tip whenever you gonna feel sore from CrossFit switch tr if you have sweet spot or threshold work for something like Carter, or Petit

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I was a competitive crossfitter for over 7 years - with personalized programming, working with a coach, training 4-5 days a week, with each session lasting between 2 to 2.5hrs. Made it to the podium a few times during my local comps. At the same time, I’m also passionate mountain biker. I did a few races - BC Bike race, enduros, XCs, and a few 24hr -on which i podium 3rd on a two-man team.

My days in competiting in crossfit are now over, but i’m still doing crossfit/functional training. I have a few bike races in 2020 (ST6, TransCascadia and few others), so trying to prep for that. My current training schedule looks like this. This will all change once the snow melts.

Monday - clean complex / upper body push and pull / BS squats / metcon with weighted vest
Tuesday - mobility + trainer road (1hr)
Wednesday - snatch complex / FS or OH squat / anaerobic
Thursday - Trainer road (1.5hr)
Friday - aerobic, core, DL + trainer road (1hr)
Saturday - trainer road x2
Sunday - rest

So it’s manageable to do both. And i agree, CF is not the right sport if you’re committed to cycling. It provides a nice foundation for XC, Enduro, or DH riding.