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Want to preface this post by saying that I haven’t kept up with all the discussions on AT, so hopefully my questions/issue hasn’t been addressed before. Searching and reading only confused me more. :man_shrugging:

I’m in the AT beta and understand that AT won’t work for any workouts unless they are scheduled through Plan Builder. I want to use AT, but when I use Plan Builder to schedule workouts for my event in 9 weeks, PB gives me 4 weeks of Base and 4 weeks of Build. I’ve been through enough base and would rather do either 8 weeks of Build OR 4 weeks of Build and 4 weeks of Speciality (40k TT).

I was using AT with a plan that was built by PB, but it stopped working after I moved some stuff around. This is my recovery week after doing that first part of the suggested plan, so now I just want to get back into using AT and PB.

Is there any way to “trick” PB to do this so I can use AT? If not, I guess I won’t be able to use AT, correct? Is my only other option to select a workout via TrainNow every time I want to do a workout?

Thanks …

Start by nuking your current plan and make sure every workout (especially any you have moved) are deleted. You want a perfectly clean calendar with no dangling workouts.

Then restart plan builder, and specifically set the start data to align with the past date where you did your prior base training start. This leads PB to a better ending by paralleling the actual timing you used and not just starting “today” or part way through your actual plan progression.

You can also test different options via switching the “Experience” setting and I would guess the last two options would give you more emphasis on Build and/or Specialty that are closer to what you may want.

That is the real trick to start. You also want to avoid actually moving workouts and follow a different mindset once you get the plan set, or you will cause future problems for AT. See the link below for best guidance:

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Thanks, Chad. That looks like it will work. Just need to wait until the end of this week so PB doesn’t try to start my next phase until next week instead of this week. I need my recovery week. :wink:

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