Time off - AT not helping

The coming week is a recovery week in my calendar. The week after that I’m going on a ski trip and to see family.
AT recalculated my plan, but not really. It just deleted the workouts for the days I told it I have off.
Since I’m not completely in a hole like I was at the end of last years build, thanks to AT, I’m thinking I can do this smarter.
Please let me know if I’m about to do something stupid…
Current calendar:

My thinking is I replace the recovery week with another week of build picking workouts following the progression I’ve been given. Then put a recovery ride in where the Ramp Test and Sleeping Beauty +3 are now and the ramp test on the Thursday.
After that, let AT do it’s thing…

Will this make AT go all wierd on me?

From my experience you should be able to change that entire recovery week to an ad hoc build week and it will work great. I’m guessing you’re afraid of it changing a future week to a recovery week when you’re using your ski trip as that. I don’t think it does that and your plan seems like a great idea.