Training Plan for Strava segments, battles with buddies

Just about to join again for the winter.

I don’t have an event I’m training for. I’d like to maximize my ability to race/attack my friends in our group rides, drop people on hills, sprint for signs and go for Strava segments between 30 seconds and 4 minutes or so.

Where i live there are no climbs more than 3 minutes long, mostly rolling terrain

Almost all my road rides are under 2 hours, I do about 300-350 hrs per year mostly road riding.

Last winter i did SSB and Rolling Road race mid volume and was able to complete it successfully.

What is the best ‘Target Discipline or Goal’ to select?

I would go with sweet spot base and sustained power build. Depending on when the shorter type sprint style events are set to happen, also short power build.

Perhaps also worth a try, plan builder.

I’m in the same boat as you, I did SSB 1 and 2 and General Build my first year and came out way faster that coming spring, where 20mph rides were more or less an exception before they became the norm

I’d go short power and Crit specialty for those kind of efforts.

Yes, i would like to use plan builder, but it asks for a discipline eg rolling road race, climbing road race, gravel, TT, CX, MTB etc…

I think CX is the closest approximation for me…

I am not too sure whether I would even use a taper. Guess I would rather go through base and build multiple times.