Criterium vs Rolling Road Race Specialty

Honestly, these two look very similar to me. I don’t have any events planned for next year but for the last 2 years I have done SSB 1 and 2 and General Build, this year looking at SSB2 and Short Power build but not sure which specialty to follow up with.

My goal is to retain as much of my Sweet Spot/Sustained power, while boosting my attacks at the local amateur non-sanctioned crit and being able to smash shorter segments on strava with more power.

The workouts inside really don’t seem to differ that much in the zones that the target, and while the Crit plan may be better for the crit stuff, I wonder if the Rolling Road race specialty will help me retain more of the rest of my power curve…

Anyone been between these two?

Option 1: SSB2, Short Power Build, Rolling Road Race Specialty
Option 2: SSB2, Short Power Build, Criterium Specialty