Training plan for DK 2019

Looking for training plan advice for Dirty Kanza 2019. Just for background on me, I did an Ironmans in 2016 and 2017 and did a 4-stage 450-mile ride in September but have lost a lot of my base due to laziness over the last 6 months. Can someone suggest a sequence of Trainer Road plans that will prep me for DK?

I have never done the Dirty Kanza so take all of this “advice” with a grain of salt. I am going sweet spot base mid volume 1 and 2 into sustained power build, finishing with century road race. Interested to hear if you are planning a different strategy.

This is exactly the plan TR recommends.


Thanks! That is what I was thinking. That progression would be 28 weeks and the race is in 27 weeks so it works out nicely.