Training plan alternates

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AI is limiting my threshold alternates to workout profile similar to Three Sisters. In the past if I chose to replace a workout in my training plan with something other than what was proposed as “alternate”, then the workout would not count toward PL progression. How do I choose an alternate (within PL “productive” level) that is outside of what my choice of alternates is, but still counts towards PL progression? Tx

When I select alternate I get two drop down menus. One is duration and one is difficulty. Changing difficulty allows you to chose productive or stretch if that is what you’d like.

I want to stay within “productive”…but I only have about 5 or 6 threshold alternates…but there are so many others

But are there? If I go into just the normal workout library and I set it to productive, threshold and say 90 minutes I get 6-8 I forget.

If it makes it stretch, yeah that number doubles.

If you think alternates is limiting you then just look at the normal workout library and apply the same filters, see if it gives you more or the same.

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If I go to choose a workout from workout library that isnt offered as alternate then if I complete that workout, the PL level isnt adjusted. Correct?

If you successfully complete a workout with a higher progression level than you currently have, your new progression level will be matched to the completed workout.

Regards to similar sorts of workout profiles, I’ve had this happen too. If you really want to do a different sort of threshold workout, you could just delete the scheduled workout & insert one you want. I’ve done this occasionally, when the profile of the workouts offered means I can’t do them on my hill, especially workouts requiring pedalling at endurance, rather than [active] recovery.

However, & I’d need someone with coaching knowledge/experience to confirm, but my suspicion is that by changing workout type that there may be adaptations offered by some workouts that are intended by the plan but are absent from other workouts, that we’re missing out on by swapping from one type to another, i.e over-unders vs block-intervals or long-interval-long-rest vs short-interval-short-rest. Such as, I struggle with workouts using really short rests (bailouts). I find Crag (4.2) infinitely harder than workouts like Starr King -1 (4.7) & Bear Creek (4.8), which are the same overall duration & have longer intervals, more time at threshold, but longer recovery times. Clearly an adaptation I’m missing at the moment. :person_shrugging:


This is not true. If you choose a workout that is at least 0.1 higher than your current PL in the same training zone (sweet spot and sweet spot) then your training PL will change if you “successfully” finish that workout. It doesn’t matter if it’s part of your training plan or if you’ve just added it as a random TR workout.


This wasnt my experience a while ago, but maybe there was a softwarenfix for that. I will give it a bash and test it out again. Thanks!