Picking workout alternates

So, I’ve got some extra time and go to pick a workout alternate when… analysis paralysis. Should I pick something with similar structured interval blocks? Just find something at the same level but more time?

Essentially, is there any more depth to why one workout vs another is in my training plan for today than just the power zone and progression rating?

If they are offered under the alternate tab they are already similar. I usually pick the ones I find the easiest mentally (longer intervals divided into smaller 3-5 minute intervals)

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If they’re offered as an alternative, as per ArHu74, they should be appropriate. N=1 I try to pick the same progression level, but that’s just ego tbh!

Seems to me the offered alternates are basically the same, just being a few TSS points more or less. I have never seen an alternate that was very different. Might as well just do what was prescribed.

I suppose the TSS are all fairly similar. The progression levels do vary a fair amount which also made me wonder.

So, just flick to the bottom and go! :slight_smile:

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If I have extra time, I’ll usually try to pick an alternate with the highest PL that’s in the same level (Achievable, Productive, etc.) as what was prescribed.

If I feel like I can do more than is prescribed, I might try to sub in a stretch workout for a Productive one, but only if I feel like I can complete the workout.

My alternate choices for Pierce -1 today…all pretty much the same.

They are supposed to be…

You can change the duration and level of the alternates though.
Here’s an example using my workout for today:


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I use Alternates when I have less or more time available than the scheduled workout requires. Most of the time the structure will be similar, sometimes there will be offerings that are less related.

I’d generally only go to alternatives based on more or less time available, or for switch between productive/ achievable/ stretch.

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Hey @Caliper! Good question.

The reason one workout vs. another will be chosen is impacted by several factors.

Depending on your plan and training phase, Adaptive Training will intelligently identify the type of workout you should be doing on a given day, and then uses your Progression Levels to pick the right workout for your current fitness.

As you progress through your plan, AT analyzes your performance in your workouts. Additional input from Post-Workout Surveys gives AT subjective feedback that will help lock you into the right Progression Levels, driving further adaptations in your plan.

Workout Alternates allow you to select harder/easier/longer/shorter workouts for a given day while maintaining the type of workout AT recommends.

Hopefully that helps clear things up! Let me know if you have any more questions. :slight_smile:

My attitude is that consistency and consistent progress beats specificity, so I’ll look at a workout and if I’m really not motivated for that specific kind of interval, swap for an alternate at a similar pl (usually if motivation low I drop .1 or .2 or motivated go harder) but with more entertaining TIZ.

Eg today I swapped 59min with 30s hard start for 144 with 1-2min hard start. I just fancied harder shorter today. It’s not perfect, but I enjoyed it and am staying consistent with improving pls 0.5-1 every week.