Outside training - Replacing a complicated workout with a simple one

Today I had Karakoram as my threshold workout. It’s pretty complex to execute outside where I did (mixed use bike path, but pretty flat). There weren’t any easier to execute workouts in alternates, so I replaced it with another threshold workout with the same PL (Garfield).

I deleted Karakoram from my calendar. How does adaptive training handle this within my plan? Does it recognize I did the specific PL and will continue to progress my workouts, or will it reschedule Karakoram next week?

What are your opinions on the stimulus from a Karakoram type workout vs traditional threshold intervals? Garfield was just intervals at FTP, while Karakoram was just below then goes above and back down, so more mixed. Is anything really lost if I keep subbing out these mixed threshold rides for easier-to-do (outside at least) threshold rides?

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I’ve got this doozy today that I plan to do outdoors on a rails-to-trails. I’ve also been debating whether to do something less complicated.


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Just replace it with a similar duration, and progression level workout. Don’t overthink it :wink:


Looks like you took the right approach! Some sessions can be tougher to complete as Outside Workouts, especially if they’re composed of mixed intervals and the terrain you can execute them on is limited. In cases like that, there’s no issue with looking at Workout Alternates or choosing a similar workout from the same power zone at about the same PL.

The stimulus of those two workouts is very similar, so, as @Cory.Rood said, don’t overthink it. :wink:

Adaptive Training will still see that you did a Threshold 2.0 workout, so the rest of your plan should adapt accordingly.


In this case he deleted the original wo and did the other one, but would it be different if he did not delete it (still ddo the other one?

The end result would be the same! Adaptive Training would still see that a Threshold 2.0 got completed – even if the original workout was left on the TR Calendar and “skipped.”