Training plan after skiing interval

I have been doing base sweet spot medium volume and will complete it close to Thanksgiving. I plan on going to Colorado for a couple weeks in mid December and then a trip for a couple of weeks at the end of Feb into March. How do I integrate back into a training program with TR after a couple weeks break?

some good info here:

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Hey there!

It’s awesome to get the opportunity to go skiing mid-winter, and we all work to integrate travel into our training plans. If you’re taking multiple weeks off of training at a time, you’ll want to skip backwards 2 weeks in your training plan when you resume it, to rebuild your fitness to where it was before:

If you’re lucky enough to get to train while traveling, this blog post has a lot of great info for you:

I guess the real question is since I will be finishing the base sweet spot medium volume training before my trip, is it best to repeat the ftp after the ski trip and then do base training again or go on to the build phase.

It’s always a good idea to retest your FTP often to ensure you’re training at the correct levels. If I were you, I’d do an FTP test when you get back from the ski trip, then repeat the last two weeks of the base training plan before retesting and moving on to the build phase. Good luck and have a great winter season!