After I completed a plan, what should i do?

Hi guys
I am a new mem at this forum, i have a question?
After i completed a plan in trainingpeaks, and my FTP increased.
I should train again that plan with modifying a little (add more time) or i should find another plan? (pay more money to get the plans in trainingpeaks)

If i register TrainnerRoad with subscription, it will help me find the plans fit for me, right?

With TR or most plans you should have a goal. If it is a race or a series of races then you build to that. Same if it’s a Grand Fondo etc. If you just want to get fitter then you need to reset after your increase in FTP. If you were using TR you would move from say Base to build with your new FTP which would make the workouts more taxing without adding volume. If you are still a long way from your goal then I would repeat the base or move from Base 1-2-3 with your new FTP. With TR the second and third blocks of base alter the workout emphasis a bit to give a different stimulus. Certainly use your NEW FTP though for all sessions - you are after all fitter now.

With TR the normal pattern is Base 1 - Base 2 - Base 3 - Build - Speciality. Although I never do the last bit as I start the TT race season in the UK and use the first few weeks to race myself into shape.

Take a week or two and rest, then start a new plan.

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I think it questions only you can answer. Did you enjoy the plan or are you bored with it. Or you just have an inkling for something new. Do you feel like you need a break etc. TR plans will get you fit if you are consistent so it depends how you approach them.

It will allow/help you to pick a plan. You can change that plan anytime to a different plan. It will take 10 workouts before adaptive training takes effect. It will suggest workout levels based on what your response was to completed workouts. It also allows you to change any workout in length or intensity. And if you don’t like the workout scheduled it will offer alternatives.

I mean… I am going to be biased to TR here, hahaha :sweat_smile:

But if your goal is to get faster and increase your FTP, then that’s what we’re here for :hot_pepper:

With TrainerRoad, you can use Plan Builder to build a training plan, with or without an Event (race), or even make your own training plan by manually adding each training phase (Base, Build, Specialty) as you see fit!

To name a few, we have other really cool features like:

  • Adaptive Training- our Machine Learning system continually monitors your performance and intelligently adjusts your workout to meet your current fitness.

  • AI FTP Detection- Once you’ve completed these 10 workouts, AI FTP Detection will analyze and incorporate all indoor and outdoor rides with power data, whether or not they’re TrainerRoad workouts to detect your FTP. No more FTP Tests!

  • Custom Workout Duration- You can optimize your custom-built training plan for your schedule by customizing the duration of the workouts in your plan.

  • Outside Workouts- Want to take your training outside? No problem. Outside Workouts allow you to substitute an outside equivalent for your regularly scheduled TrainerRoad workouts.

I wondered about this for years and I’ve found out best is keep doing base back to back to back to back. until you have a target race, wanna pr a climb, etc. Let’s say the build and specialty training blocks are 3 months long. then you switch base to whatever build and specialty you pick, finish those off, go back to base and repeat until next goal.

there’s absolutely nothing wrong with training base for months, years, what not, if all you want is being fit. you’ll still make great impovements and have awesome general fitness you can then build upon in case of an event coming up. serious race training is really fast in comparison to building a good base.