Training Peaks Structured bike workouts not migrating across to TrainerRoad

I have been a TR user for well over a year now and lately have had issues with my structured bike workouts bought as part of a 70.3 triathlon plan via Training Peaks, migrating across to TR. I have disconnected the connection between both TP and TR, re-connected them, cleared the cache, selected pull workouts and still they are not coming across. I went online chat the other day however TR could still not help me. I would much prefer to do my TP bike workouts indoor workouts via the TR platform however at the moment I can’t and getting frustrated. Anyone know what the problem might be? Thanks for your help. Cheers Adam.

Thanks to Andani M of TR Customer Support. He reminded me that HR based bike workouts in TP will not migrate across to TR - only power based workouts will sync. I had totally forgotten that so thanks for the reminder. So remember - change the workout from HR to Power and then hit Sync Ride and it will load in to the TR calendar immediately. Cheers Adam.