How do I upload a .FIT file (structured bike workout from Training Peaks) in to Trainer Road?

I am having all sorts of trouble at the moment syncing workouts from TP to TR, despite disconnecting and reconnecting the accounts, ride sync etc etc. It just wont bring the bike workout across so thought I would download the bike workout from TP as a .FIT file. That’s done but can’t see how to manually upload it in to TR. I thought it would be through the calendar but no, Any ideas on how to or is this feature not possible as all the form research I am doing suggests the only way workouts sync from another platform to TR is via the connection of the two accounts and Ride Sync which for me aren’t working. Customer Service ticket raised but thought this might be a workaround. Cheers Adam.

TR article here, i’ve been doing it a lot recently. Worth saving the article somewhere because if your anything like me, you’ll soon forget how to do it,manually%20upload%20your%20outside%20rides.

The article relates to importing Outdoor rides already done into TR. I’m talking about importing a structured bike workout from Training Peaks into TR that hasn’t been done yet. In other words, it is a bike workout as part of my triathlon plan that I am trying to import manually in to TR. I don’t think it can be done. Anyway, have sorted my sync issues between TP and TR so structured new workouts can now migrate across as long as the workout is Power, not HR.

ok i misunderstood, what you needed was this

or alternativly you would have had to use workout builder which you can drag and drop the .fit files into

sounds like your sorted now anyway