Training Peak Calendar Replacement & Running AI

So, I’ve been thinking about what it would take to get me to drop my Training Peaks account and strictly use the TR calendar. For background I have been using the TP calenadar to build my plans for IMs and 1/2IMs for probably 5 or more years. I like the ability to build in the workouts and TSS and review the annual training plan and map out my TSS. I have used TR plans but built my own run and swim plans based on coaching and programs I have followed in the past.

However, now that I am in AT and the workouts are constantly being adapted it is virtually impossible to map that into TP as I would be changing it constantly…and this has become quite annoying. Thus, I am willing to move to the TR calendar but it is lacking some features; mainly good support of running and swimming. For one, I wish we had the ability to build a run workout in TR like you can in TP or Garmin that would upload to our watch. That would aslo give the ability to build the plan and map the TSS within the platform.

While thinking about this and the new AI features associated with cycling it makes one think why a very similar program could not be set up for running. No offense to Coach Chad but it would be great if TR could get some coaches with advanced knowledge of run training and build programs with workouts that could be downloaded to the calendar that just sync to the watch. In the past I have used a very similar program online for run coaching that would give you workouts and pacing recommendations and adjust those recommendations as you provided feedback after each run; all based on a threshold test. There is no reason this could not be incorporated into a new TR run platform. And then maybe the triathletes would maybe actually start following the full triathlon plans and not deleting the runs after adding the plan to the calendar.

But seriously, step one, give us the feature to at least build run workouts on the calendar that will sync to our sport watches.

Thoughts or feeback?